There’s A Better Way! (Part Quatre)

Life – live it to the full! Let’s do our part to make this world a better place by taking a positive approach to life! So many people are in the habit of looking for reasons to complain. If whining seems to be the favorite pass time for you and your co-workers, or friends, I’m afraid you’re precious time is being wasted. Sometimes it’s not even the people around us that are filling our heads with reasons to whine. We are bringing it on ourselves. I like what Ellen Miller has to say about this…”We don’t have to be diagnosed with schizophrenia to know that we deal with a barrage of nasty voices. Things we literally make up, conclusions we jump to, and fantasy “showdowns” with the person who harmed us; the venting that happens over and over – but only in our head. Spending time dwelling on hurts, wrongs, and misfortunes is a waste of time. How many hours each week do we squander, pondering how we’ve been wronged and should defend our honor? Consider the outcome if we took that same amount of time and did something useful with it. Like maybe read a book; call someone who makes us laugh; listen to upbeat music; or better yet- pray. Imagine the positive energy we would gain by putting a stop to our negative thinking.” I like her way of thinking, don’t you?

I have found that when I focus in on something or someone who has “wronged” me, my enthusiasm is drained, and my spunk is zapped right out of me. There’s a better way! When I replace my pouting with positive observations, I am joyful; I am at peace; and I’m pretty sure I am a lot more fun to be around! And, if I take a few minutes to “Stop and Think” about the many, many blessings in my life, there is no brain space left for a pity party.

It’s not always easy to “Stop and Think”, but the effort is definitely worth the try!!

Choosing the positive over the negative will always be the better way!!

Thought for the Day: Do a periodic “values check.” Don’t let your drive or ambition bring you to a place you wouldn’t want to go.”

Proverbs 20:22 Don’t say, “I will get even for this wrong,” wait for the Lord to handle the matter.

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